Brownton, MN

335 3rd Street South
P.O. Box 238

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Population: 800
Households: 319
Senate District: 18
House District: 18A
Location: 60 miles West of Minneapolis & St. Paul
Government: Mayor/Council Organization 



The City of Brownton is excited to offer renewable energy choices for residential customers. Today, 17% of your home’s electricity comes from renewable energy, as required by the State of Minnesota. You now have a choice of increasing your renewable energy mix to 50, 75, or 100 percent from renewable sources for only a few extra dollars per month.

Program Benefits:

Low Cost – From $1 for 50% to $3 for 100% per month
Predictable Cost – Fixed monthly cost
Easy to Sign Up – Call 320-328-5318 or visit
Easy to Cancel – Subscription is monthly – cancel any time


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City of Brownton December minutes




2018-19 Street & Utility Improvement Project Update


Cold Weather Application is now available. Click here. For more information regarding the Cold Weather Application, please click here






Ordinance #79
Mediacom Franchise

Ordinance #80
Prevention of Nudity

Ordinance #82

Ordinance #83
Peddlers Solicitors and
Transient Merchants

Ordinance #84
Clan Drug Lab

Ordinance #85
Non-Domestic Animals

Ordinance #88
Admin. Fines


Ordinance #89

Ordinance #90
Liability of Landlord for
Payment of Utility Services

Ordinance #91
Dog & Cat

Ordinance #93
Brownton Social Host

Ordinance #94
Recreational Motor Vehicle (MRV)

Ordinance #4
Relating to Streets & Sidewalks


Ordinance #41
RS Fiber Franchise agreement

Ordinance #43

Ordinance #44
Platting of Real Property

Ordinance #47

Ordinance #48
Use of Firearms

Ordinance #49
Prohibiting Liquor


Ordinance #51
Shade Tree Program

Ordinance #52
Use of Highways in City Limits

Ordinance #54

Ordinance #55A

Ordinance #56
Uniform System for Naming & Numbering Streets

Ordinance #61
Regarding Installation and Construction of Plumbing

Ordinance #63
Establishing Sewer Use Regulations

Ordinance #65
Shade Tree Disease

Ordinance #67
Establishing Flood Plain Management

Ordinance #70
Subdivision Regulations

Ordinance #71
Franchise for Electric Energy

Ordinance #72

Ordinance #74
Lawful Gambling

Ordinance #75

Ordinance # 77
Noise & Disorderly Conduct

Ordinance #78A
Building Code

Ordinance #81
Adult Oriented businesses in the City

Ordinance #86
Council Salary

Ordinance #87
Curfew for Minors





2020 Mosquito Control spraying dates are as follows: Tuesday’s- May 26th, June 9th, 23rd, July 7th, **(Thurs) July 23rd, Aug. 4th, 18th, Sept. 1st.